The maze of sleep

The maze of sleep

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Gleb Matveychuk is made for adults and children magical gift of a musical of a new generation "the Labyrinth of sleep".Original fantasy based tale by Lewis Carroll "Alice in Wonderland" with the participation of Anastasia Spiridonova("Voice", "Three chords"), Alexey Bobrov ("beauty and the Beast", "MAMMA MIA", "the Sound of music"), Andrew Birina ("Ghost", "Anna Karenina", "Tanz der vampire"),Maria Ivashchenko("the Territory of passion", "Recognition", "Scarlet sails", a TV series "Junior") and other stars of the Russian musicals! Alice is a young girl who sees a dream, but it is not a serene and cloudless, and the unknown and unpredictable. In the intricate mazes of the dream of Alice lies a lot of adventure, mystery and puzzles, in the process of understanding which children and adults together with the heroes will find new friends and make many useful discoveries in life. How not to get lost in the winding "Labyrinth of sleep" and choose the correct route? As he said himself, Carroll is the mouth of one of his characters: "Gather in the story all will find useful. But indifference and ignorance..." is a fascinating journey into the magical country! The organizer reserves the right to change the composition of the artists.


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